Available TONIGHT for OUTCALL! NO DEPOSITS REQUIRED! Try The 90 Min NURU Massage for a Relaxing & Sexy way to unwind after a LONG DAY!!

I would like to introduce Louisville's Leading Lady: Miss Molly.

She's an Exotic Beauty with a breathtaking aura that catches everyone's attention. Her unique look is one of a kind, and she always stands out in the crowd. She's confident and comfortable in her own skin, and it's contagious. Once your eyes meet hers, you'll feel an instant sense of security and belonging.

She's a gorgeous woman who knows how to have a good time, she's always up for anything and is always the life of the party. She's got an amazing body and is always wearing the sexiest clothes.


No other woman in Louisville can provide the same variety of services with the same level of knowledge and experience as me. I take pride in offering a variety of upscale services, including Elite Companionship to local or visiting gentleman who demand nothing but the best.

           I am young, beautiful and intelligent. An educated woman of many talents, I run multiple businesses. Molly, a Escort and Dominatrix by night but during the day, I moonlight as a hair stylist and boutique owner. My feminine personality shines as a cosmetologist, I constantly update my appearance ensuring that I am always trendy, fashionable and never predictable. My passion for knowledge and personal growth shows through my versatility and interest in numerous topics. I have made it a hobby to keep up to date with current events so that my intelligence and humor will Captivate you through-out an evening together!

          From the glow on my beautiful face and the twinkle in my Gaze, From the very first moment that you and I lock eyes, it will be evident that I love what I do (and you will too).

My thirst for intimacy and my natural sex appeal will compile a passion behind closed doors.

         To appreciate my sexy & sultry personality or to fully grasp it’s magnitude- it’ll have to wait until once we are in person.

The most flattering compliment I have received is “pictures aren’t able to capture my beauty and do not do it (my beauty) any justice”. My confidence perfectly complements my shy femininity as it beams from my 5 foot 6 frame, which is the perfect mixture of curvy and slender- leaving any man breaking his neck for one more glance.
          I carry a exotic look that makes even the most seasoned and well traveled man blush. My polite southern grace will comfort even the nervous newbie, so if this is your first time, I am the perfect pick for a woman to spend your night with.

My dominant demeanor will crush the submissive making them yearn to serve me. A Leader by nature and a dominatrix for Play, I can lead the most soft spoken man into a zone which he will experience a moment of passion, pleasure and pure ecstasy.
           Depending on our appointment- you will be very pleased at my chosen attire. Promising to greet you in something that is jaw-dropping, I Always strive to look my best and am always dressing to impress.  

You’ll feel like a million dollars with the perfect piece of eye candy focusing all of her attention only on you. Whenever I walk into a room, All eyes are on me and men begin to fantasize as they wonder what I wear beneath.

Perfectly polished from my bedroom tousled hairstyle to my manicured toes, My hair neatly styled making my makeup look young & refreshing. My voice will sound harmonizing making you wonder what my bedroom moans will sound like.

No matter if I am in my favorite slinky sexy dress & the highest of heels or if rocking my latest lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s, You will forever remember the moment you first laid eyes on me…
       Your search is over to find the perfect Mistress, Friend or Lover- as you have found me!!

I am the perfect package from my beauty (and booty) to my brains, My toes always polished to match my long and exotic manicure, Proving that I pay attention to all details- but the only way for you to find out is for you to book an appointment!

 Why wait any longer?   

Send me a Text and Book an appointment Now!!

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Located in The East End of Louisville, Kentucky

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21 hours ago

The conversation we had was as good as the nuru massage. 5/5

Derrick Basham
6 days ago

Hope to make an appointment sometime soon.

20 days ago

Haven't had services but would love to need massage really bad wish I had the money

9 months ago

beautiful love to meet u sometime..

10 months ago

Have seen your ad online and would love to have some time with you!

Bennett .R
10 months ago

Mistress Molly is on high-end side of the Louisville market. You will get so much more from her than most of the rest. She always has a sexy outfit on, always has a large assortment of lubes, lotions and toys.

10 months ago

Hi Molly, just asking about you tattoo on your chest.

Can you tell me about it


Josh Carrico
10 months ago

Friday is my 41st birthday

Byron Jaggers
10 months ago

We hv met before, had a great great with u and will be contacting u again regardless. See u soon